How We Become To Be

I had been dealing with painful joints including severe back pain after being hit by an unlicensed, uninsured driver at the end of 2017. By in the summer of 2018, my knee became so inflamed I could no longer put any weight on it without extreme pain. I tried to walk with a cane for a couple of weeks, but it hardly helped, and I ended up damaging my shoulder.

It was not long before the tendons in my arms and hands began to lose function and an aching feeling surrounded my body. I would later be diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I tried just about everything I could find to ease my disconcert, but most remedies failed miserably.

I was then recommended to try a cannabis-infused pain balm. With little confidence, I traveled to the nearest dispensary to purchase the next item on my long list of possible relief remedies. At over $110 for a 50ml container, I was a little reluctant, but pain is a powerful influencer.

To my shock, the relief was real! But at over $100 per week for relief was not in the cards. So with that, I researched everything I could about cannibals and pain relief so that Relax & Restore could be born. And in my own opinion, its ability to reduce inflammation is twice as powerful as that $110 brand.  I still deal with pain daily, but at a much lower level thanks to my receipt. I am able to walk again and enjoy a life that involves friends and family.

I hope that Relax & Restore can ease others pain as it did for me, but at a much more affordable price!