The Best CBD Cream for Pain – According to People with Pain

People who are forced to deal with persistent pain are always looking for new methods to alleviate their symptoms and better their pain management routine. Whether it be knee, back, arthritis pain, or some other joint pain, reducing the underlying condition without the use of opioids or other pharmaceutical painkillers is something we can all get behind.

Today there is a growing trend towards alternative pain-relieving methods, and one that continues to be a favorite is the use of CBD cream. Users can rub a topical application into their skin for a direct pain-relieving experience. In addition, to the immediate effect, one of the best benefits of using a CBD cream is that the pain relief increases even more dramatically over time with consistent use.

According to the CDC, nearly 23% of all Americans have arthritis, while almost 30% suffer from lower back pain. Anything that helps get through the day can be a huge benefit, but to find a product that significantly reduces pain, while not having the harmful side effects as pharmaceuticals can be a lifesaver. This is why more and more people are turning to CBD creams for pain to get them through the day.

In this article, we will have a look at the top CBD creams on the market, but first, let’s have a look at why CBD has such a positive benefit.

Why Are CBD Creams so Beneficial?

There is a non-psychoactive cannabidiol CBD compound that is found in hemp and marijuana, and it has been known to have several medicinal effects. Unlike THC, which has a psychoactive effect, CBD activates TRPV1 receptors, which are what regulates pain and inflammation within the body.

CBD also has been known to inhibit Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH), which allows the body to produce anandamide, also known as bliss delight, which leads to elevated levels of pleasure. Keep in mind, all of this is done without any intoxicating effect.

Which Type of CBD Cream Should You Use?

You can find several different types of topical CBD products. These include creams, salves, and lotions. It just depends on your preference and what feels best to you. In most cases, a salve is going to be your best bet, not only does it offer the best absorption from the group, but it also has the benefit of other anti-inflammatory products, the top one being shea butter.

When shea butter is applied to the skin, it triggers cytokines and other inflammatory cells to slow. This is all in addition to its immense amounts of other benefits shea butter offers, such as having high levels of vitamin A and E, being an antibacterial, helping to promote cell regeneration, alleviates eczema, as well as fights arthritis on its own.

CBD is a powerful pain-relieving ingredient, but when combined with shea butter, you’re getting a double whammy for reducing muscles and joint pain.

How To Use a CBD Cream

When you apply a CBD cream to the skin, you want to continue to rub until it is fully absorbed. You may repeat the process up to three or four times a day or as recommended by a physician. In most cases, users start feeling pain relief within five minutes of the application, which is why CBD topicals are quickly becoming a favorite among people with pain.

It’s essential to use with consistency as the CBD salve benefits can add up significantly over time. If a user’s reporting a baseline chronic pain level as a 7 on a 10 scale, they may report their pain is only being a 5 after applying the CBD cream. However, after using the CBD salve for arthritis consistently over two weeks, their baseline pain level might be reduced to a 5, and then when they apply the CBD cream, their pain gets pushed down to a level 3.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using a CBD Cream for Pain


  • It’s a fast-acting pain reliever
  • The benefits increase over time
  • If the cream has shea butter, it also has several skin benefits
  • A high percentage of users claim that it works for them
  • It’s quick and easy to use


  • It is a new and largely unregulated industry
  • You need to ensure you are getting enough CBD within the product
  • It can be costly to use regularly
  • Best CBD Salves for Sale to Fight Pain

Best CBD Salves for Sale to Fight Pain

Relax and Restore Pain Relieving Balm

Relax and Restore is a clear-cut winner within the space. This product was made by someone with pain for people with pain. Not only does the Relax and Restore CBD salve for pain provide the highest quality, but their 50 mL containers come with a whopping 400 mg of CBD. At a price of only $47, that means one milligram of CBD costs only $.11.

Relax and Restore is made out of the highest quality anti-inflammatory products; these include the finest CBD Oils, shea butter as the base, coconut oil, almond oil, and arnica flower. All of these products have anti-inflammatory properties, but arnica flower on its own is also a powerful remedy for pain, especially for swelling and muscle spasms.

When you combine all these ingredients, Relax and Restore offers the best CBD cream for pain within the industry.

In addition, the pain-relieving salve has a fast-absorbing rate when, comes into amazing aromas. We like the menthol cooking formula the best, but they’re relaxing nighttime formula was also quite pleasant. Most importantly, the CBD topical cream combats pain like no other product on our list.

Relax and Restore represents one of the most affordable and potent products on the market, it should be your first go-to CBD option for combating pain.

Papa & Barkly

Papa & Barkly is one of the most well-known brands in the space. It has a good lather and a pleasant smell and comes packed with 400 mg of CBD per 50 mL container. Although the lather was nice, we wish that the base was shea butter so that we would get those extra pain-relieving benefits.

Users all agree results for the product have been quite strong. For someone looking for consistent day-to-day use to rid themselves of aches and pains, Papa & Barkly certainly gets the job done.

The biggest downside to the product is the price, their 50 mL container will set you back $80, at a rate of $.20 per milligram of CBD, it is undoubtedly a big expense, but still reasonable.

Although we did love the results, Relax and Restore would have a slight edge in pain relief, but a substantial advantage and pricing at almost half the price.

Mana Artisan Botanicas

Made with beeswax and coconut oil, Mana Artisan Botanicas CBD topical cream for pain works great for inflammation and arthritis when applied to affected areas. The company infuses Hawaiian Comfrey and plantain to add a richness to the cream. For those who aren’t familiar with comfrey, it is an herb that has a reputation for healing.

Although we like the fact that the company adds its twist with the comfrey, we feel they missed out by not adding shea butter as a base ingredient.

Users have reported not only did they get the pain relief they were seeking, but they also quite like the products smell and general feeling when applied.

Our primary concern with Mana Artisan Botanicas was the price. A 2 oz container (60 mL) will set you back $75, and with only 300 mg of CBD per container, this works out to be $.25 per milligram of CBD. The product works well and has a nice feel to it, but it will certainly set you back a pretty penny.

Plus CBD Oil

One of the more mild salves that we tried, much like the other brands in the space, it doesn’t have a menthol feel when applied. For those who don’t like that icy hot feeling, Plus CBD Oil could be a consideration. This could be especially nice if you’re going to apply it at work or when around other people who don’t want to smell a pain-relieving formula.

Plus CBD Oil is one of the more prominent brands in the space, so you should have no problem finding their product. However, none of their products seem to be organic and a few of their ingredients are words you can’t pronounce, which is always a big concern.

Users did report that the product significantly reduces their pain, which is our main consideration. If Plus CBD Oil is right for you, we recommend the extra-strength formula, which comes with 100 mg of CBD salve for use within a 1.3 oz (38 mL). At a price of $30 that works out to be $.30 per milligram of CBD. If you think this is one of the most expensive products on the list, you would be correct.

Because it’s also less concentrated, to get the same effect, you have to rub in over double the product versus the other salves on the list.

Medical Miracles

Another salve for sale that passed our test was the salve by Medial Miracles. Although we like the fact that it has shea butter, one of the key ingredients we look for when deciding on the best salve, it was further down on the list. It looks like it’s the main base was made of coconut oil and beeswax, both great ingredients in their own right, but lack the significant benefits that shea butter offers.

The 2oz (60 mL) container comes packed with 500 mg hemp oil. Although 500 mg might sound like a lot, it is not the same as getting 500 mg of CBD. Hemp oil has been extracted from seeds of industrial hemp, while CBD oil is extracted through the flower and the leaves of the hemp plant. The extraction method can play a significant part in the quality of the product. 

For those looking to save money, it’s one you may want to try due to its affordable price, but you will likely find better options that are actual CBD products for those looking to curb muscle and joint pain. However, for a skin related issue, the salve by Medical Miracles is a good option.

Topical CBD Takeaways

Using a topical CBD cream, salve, or lotion that is derived from infusing anti-inflammatory cannabidiol CBD compound can have an instant and long-lasting pain-relieving effect. Hemp extract topicals are a viable strategy that is proven to have significant benefits for those seeking a more natural herbal approach. If you or someone you love has pain, this list of quality options should assist in getting the right pain-relieving product to fit your needs.

You should always talk to your doctor to ensure you are getting the correct medical advice for your specific condition. But for those looking for a quick and safe method to alleviate pain, the effects of CBD is safe, proven, easy, and well documented way to go.